The Rain in Spain and Sun in Copenhagen

First of all let me apologize for being MIA for so long. These past few weeks have been a series of unfortunate (and fortunate) events that have managed to keep me away from blogging. Here’s a list of those things. I’ll try to keep this post short even though it’s covering several days.

The Unfortunate:

It rained the whole time we were in Majorca, Spain.

I got food poisoning from a suspicious bacon and cheese sandwich in the Majorcan airport.

I spilled chocolate milk on my laptop.



Everything being closed on Danish holidays and having no food to eat.


The Fortunate:

We went to Spain! And saw a lot of cool things despite the rain.

I am better now.

My computer made a miraculous recovery and saved me a couple hundred dollars.

Only one final left.

May Day.


No more classes.

Free food.

Ama visiting.

The weather in Copenhagen has been BEAUTIFUL!


Majorca was beautiful. Full of sangria and spaniards and pearls and beaches. Oh and home to Nadal of course.

We mostly went around the city looking at the beautiful cathedral and eating a lot of gelato.

We had some delicious sangria and paella for lunch on the first day.

Then we walked down Passeig de Born which is the most famous street in Majorca and home to lots of nice stores and cafes.

After awhile the rain got to us so we spent a day hiding out in Coves del Drach, which translates to Caves of the Dragons.

To get to the caves we had to take a bus across the island which meant driving through the countryside. Even in the rain it was beautiful with hundreds of old windmills and sheep grazing in the beautiful green grass.

We headed back to Palma to get some dinner and walk around some more and got tapas and gelato. I know it must seem like all we did was eat, which is fairly accurate since there wasn’t much else to do since the beautiful beach was shrouded in clouds the entire weekend.

This is my delicious meal of octopus wrapped in bacon and a yummy goat cheese salad.

Finally it was time to say goodbye to Majorca and all of the rain.

This was the view from our hotel and the beautiful beach was a minute’s walk away.

While I’m so happy that I got to go to Spain and enjoy their food and caves, I would not suggest going to Majorca unless it is beautiful and sunny outside. The city is beautiful, but can be seen in a day and the beaches are so beautiful that you’ll want to spend forever on them providing that you have better weather than we did.

Back in Copenhagen

So then we headed back to Copenhagen which consisted of me suffering from food poisoning and having to take an exam the day after we got back. So that was unfortunate.

Luckily by Wednesday I was feeling much better and able to celebrate May Day, which is a national workers’ holiday and as my friend said when I asked what we were celebrating, “I don’t know socialism or something.” Not entirely inaccurate. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and I even got away with running around in a tee shirt!

So after May Day these past few days have been filled with some exams and presentations and packing up to get ready to go home in four days. I can’t believe this semester is over. I’ve just been enjoying my last few days by being outside as much as possible from visiting Tivoli to DIS picnics with free food to reading in the Botanical Gardens.

The DIS picnic with tables and tables of free food.

Celebrating the last day of classes by sitting by the lakes.

Hanging out in the Botanical Gardens which are finally in full bloom.

Oh and lots of ice cream.

Life has been good these past few days. I even got to see Ama for a few short hours since she’s traveling Europe with her family and came all the way up to Copenhagen to see me! I have the best friends in the world. And Allyson just booked a flight to Charleston to see me the day after I get home! I love Copenhagen and Europe, but I honestly can’t wait to get back home to my family and friends and warm SC weather! This semester has made me appreciate the little things from back home like ice, water fountains, bright colored clothes, sunshine, meals being cooked for me. The list has gotten a bit lengthy lately as I’ve been trying to focus on the positives of going home and not the negatives of leaving this amazing place. It will be hard to leave Copenhagen as its finally leaving winter behind, but I know this summer will be filled with so many great things.


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